Designing the Kids Bathroom

When designing the kids bathroom, I knew there were a few things to tackle

  1. Colour and design – if you’re scared to use colour or print, start a small space like a closet, bathroom or laundry room. Since this space is for kids, I want something fun that can grow with them
  2. Woodwork – I am so excited because I have not done shiplap in my house yet. I am planning on doing a vertical shiplap as a subtle touch
  3. Organization – no matter how hard I try, the countertop is a full out disaster 24/7. I am going to convert the vanity cabinet into drawers to hold all the kids toiletries (and let’s face it – bathroom toys!)
  4. Swap out builder blahs – it’s been a personal mission of mine to swap out all the BLAH builder features in our home including light fixtures and mirrors.
  5. Increase towel storage – right now we have a railing that can fit only 2 towels, and no hand towels. So that often means wet floor as the kids drip water everywhere!

Heres’s my inspiration for the bathroom

Here’s my design mock up!

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